The exterior of a home can be made up of many different materials, and one popular and durable material to use for your home’s exterior is stucco. Stucco is the reliable finish that will flatter the exterior of your home with its seamless application, as it has been doing for centuries. The outer layer of the exterior and cladding of your home should be complementary to its architectural style while serving the home with a secure and affordable finish, which is exactly what stucco does. 

Before you become set on using stucco finish on your home, find out what process of applying it entails and, most importantly, how long it takes to dry.

Why use stucco

Stucco goes on the outer layer of a home’s exterior, making it the most visible. Stucco is versatile in the way it can be applied to the exterior of your home and will easily allow you to create embellishments when using it. Stucco is a mixture that is most like cement and contains sand, Portland cement, and lime. As it is no longer viable to mix stucco yourself with raw ingredients, you can purchase pre-mixed stucco and stucco repair kits at most home improvement stores. 

Because stucco is so affordable and one of the most manageable finishes, it remains unbeatable compared to more expensive and high-maintenance exterior finishes. 

Applying stucco to your home

Stucco can be applied on a wood-sheath home, but additional materials are required, like concrete masonry. Mesh is a traditionally used method when installing stucco. Using mesh involves applying the stucco over wood or wire lath. 

Applying stucco can ultimately be difficult and time-consuming, especially for those with little to no experience using stucco on a house exterior. Because of such a laborious application process, most people forgo doing it themselves and hire a professional team of stucco painters instead. Hiring professional stucco painters may seem like it could significantly inflate your home exterior budget, but applying stucco correctly through professionals will determine the longevity of your finishing. Typically, stucco should last for about fifty years in your home without pronounced deterioration and hiring professionals will enforce the strength of your stucco application. 

Waiting for your stucco finish to dry

Your stucco finish drying properly will determine the quality and durability of the application. After applying your stucco finish initially, you wait 48 hours before applying the brown coat. If you want to paint over your stucco exterior, waiting for your stucco to cure is recommended and typically takes a standard of 7-14 days if you are eager, but 30 days is the standard cure time. If you begin to paint too soon, your stucco can become dry and cracked. 

Taking notice of the weather before you begin to apply your stucco helps ensure that its tricky application won’t be for naught. Stucco should usually dry for 48 hours before being subjected to rainy or foggy weather. For stucco to dry and set completely, it will take about 90 days. 

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House painting in Calgary is considered the most important home maintenance process that you will need to consider for enhancing the beauty, look and functionality of your building process. Therefore, you must go ahead with exterior house painting so that you will no longer have to deal with any issues with the look of the building. When you find that the exterior painting is fading and peeling, you must get a fresh coat of paint in your home as it is the best way of transforming the look of your home. Therefore, you must determine how much it costs to paint a house exterior to decide whether or not you should go ahead with the painting project without having to deal with many expenses. It would be best to estimate the cost of painting your house to be prepared financially for the painting procedure and be ready to spend money on these expenses. Along with choosing the painting contractors, you will need to select the right colour for the exterior house painting job according to your personality and design personality so that you can give a fresh sheen to your home in an effortless manner.

House Exterior Painting Costs

Exterior painting costs less than interior painting. Still, exterior house painting is a cumbersome and time-consuming process as you will need a ladder pulley system and scaffolding equipment for completing this painting project.. The average cost of painting the exterior of your home can be anywhere from $1,900 to $6,900. This cost is dependent on many factors that add to the total cost of the painting project. The different aspects include the number of storeys, condition of the house, exterior size, number of doors and windows, siding material, prep work, labour charges and repair tasks. But the labour charges account for about 70% to 80% of the total exterior house painting costs, and hence you need to keep in mind all these charges before hiring a painter to offer you the best quality services. The second notable cost is the cost of materials used in the painting project, and the quality of the paint and other materials that you choose will determine the total costs.

Your Options for House Painting in Calgary

As the temperatures change, stucco has a tendency to expand and contract in response. This can result in chipping and Moreover, you will need to choose the right painter for house painting in Calgary based on experience, skill and workmanship so that you will be able to hire an expert for your project. There are many other factors that you will need to consider because the quality of paint you choose will directly impact the overall painting project. Some brands come with lifetime warranties, and they will remain in excellent condition for many years to come.

Golden Trowel Stucco has been providing Calgary homes and commercial properties with top-quality stucco services. For the past 20 years, we have been the number one stucco contractors in the Calgary and Greater Calgary area. We can completely change your property for the better with our stucco services, including stucco installations, stucco and exterior painting, and stucco repairs in Calgary. We’re flexible and ready to help you when you need it. Call us at 403-891-5343 anytime.

The cost of stucco in Calgary does involve a number of different factors. Among these factors are the house size, the type of stucco, and the company that you choose to perform the work. As a result, you can expect quite a spread in the average cost, but there are some general assumptions that everyone can use. Read on to find out more!

The Elements of Stucco Costs

The Amount of Stucco

The amount of stucco you need for your project will play a fairly substantial role in the total cost. Of course, if you are applying stucco in Calgary to a single floor, small dwelling, the price will not be that great. Indeed, especially when you compare it to the cost of a multi-storey house with lots of extra room. 

The Type of Stucco

The type of stucco you use for your house will also affect the price. There are basically three types of stucco: california, acrylic, and EIFS acrylic. Each of these provides a different aesthetic, experience, and advantage to the other types. Additionally, california stucco costs the least, whereas EIFS acrylic will be more expensive. In fact, the difference in price per square foot is about $4, which can add up quickly. 

Construction worker plastering a wall with a spatula

The Stucco Company

The stucco contractor will also change your prices. Typically, large companies will have higher overhead costs and may charge more as a result. However, choosing the smallest company might be ill-advised as well. This choice may lead to longer installation times or unqualified labour. 

Therefore, your best option is to choose a company with a good reputation, which you can gauge by online reviews. You can also find a business with this sweet spot by requesting multiple quotes. Usually, the cost to stucco an entire house is between $1,800 and $7,000. 

Find Your Calgary Stucco Company Today

Find your stucco company today and see what they can do for you. Stucco is a beautiful exterior siding material, and you should treat your house right by installing some. Call us today for a quotation and estimate.

Golden Trowel Stucco has been providing Calgary homes and commercial properties with top-quality stucco services. For the past 20 years, we have been the number one stucco contractors in the Calgary and Greater Calgary area. We can completely change your property for the better with our stucco services, including stucco installations, stucco, and exterior painting, and stucco repairs in Calgary. We’re flexible and ready to help you when you need it. Call us on 403-891-5343 anytime.