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Add protection, improve your curb appeal and increase the value of your property with Golden Trowel Stucco LTD, Calgary’s leading experts in stucco services. As experts in all forms of stucco, there is nothing we can’t do to ensure that your residential or commercial property is restored to its best. We can help customers with stucco installations, moulding repairs and painting, and stucco repairs in Calgary. We pride ourselves on our high standard of service, and after 20 years in the industry, we have established ourselves as a reliable, trustworthy, and friendly team of stucco contractors. It does not matter what you need; with our passion and experience, we can provide you with a comprehensive, high-quality stucco service, that stays in your budget and meets your creative needs. When it comes to stucco in Calgary, choose the golden team. 


Choose Golden Trowel Stucco. 

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Our expert team has all the experience and firsthand knowledge to install stucco in your property. All our installations come with warranties, ensuring you get quality stucco for longer.


We can repair all types of stucco, including EIFS, sand, cement, acrylic and conventional stucco. There is no limit to what we can do for your property. 


Our team of professionals can help you with all moulding repairs for your stucco, including restorations, and repairing cracks and blisters.


With a huge selection of colors available, we can give your stucco a long-lasting and natural look that enhances the quality and value of your property.


Stucco contractors Calgary
Stucco contractors Calgary
Stucco contractors Calgary
Stucco contractors Calgary
Stucco contractors Calgary

We Are Trusted Residential & Commercial
Stucco Contractors

Having stucco installed on your residential or commercial property can make a substantial difference to its curb appeal and value. Stucco adds elegance to any building by enhancing its architectural beauty, is an effective insulation system that is energy efficient, and can withstand Calgary’s extreme weather changes. It can completely change the protection, structure and aesthetic of your home or commercial property. At Golden Trowel, our family has been in the stucco industry for over 20 years, providing clients with top-quality services for all their projects. We have repaired existing stucco, removed old surfaces and professionally installed new stucco on developing and existing properties. Our expertise knows no limits as we have worked with all different types of stucco, including EIFS, sand, cement, acrylic and conventional. We also provide stucco painting for all new and old stucco exteriors. With a stunning array of colors, you can find the one that brings out the beauty in your property. We only use paint that is specifically designed for stucco, ensuring longevity, durability and a natural look year-round. Don’t waste your time with other stucco companies – come to Golden Trowel today!

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Stucco contractors Calgary


Stucco contractors Calgary


Stucco contractors Calgary


Why Golden Trowel

Stucco contractors Calgary

No Hidden Fees

We abide by the Golden Rule and are honest in our pricing and billing. We do our best to come in under budget, and you’ll never have to worry about hidden fees.

Stucco contractors Calgary

20+ Years of Experience

We’ve been in the industry for over 20 years, and we’ve developed a solid understanding of client needs, working on both residential & commercial projects.

Stucco contractors Calgary

Amazing Value

We offer incredible value for our services at unbeatable prices. We’re committed to a high standard of quality, so you get what you pay for and then some!


Stucco is a portland cement plaster that contains lime, fibre, additives and aggregates. There are several kinds of EIFS, but the typical construction includes a fibreglass reinforcement mesh, basecoat and polystyrene foam board.

Yes, it is possible to paint your stucco. Choosing the right stucco should be done in cooperation with your stucco contractor, as the wrong material may lead to performance issues.

It is not recommended to attempt your own repairs. As a multi-layer system, it is important to use the right equipment and follow the correct process, or the repair may be incomplete and ineffectual.

Washing and inspection should occur annually with stucco and EIFS. There is also a risk of fading with darker paint colours after several years, which can be addressed with a new coat of paint.


Stucco contractors Calgary

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Get Started with Stucco Repairs in Calgary

Make the difference to your home or business with stucco. It can completely change your property’s future prospects, save you money and provide protection against Calgary’s extreme hot and cold weather. With our service available throughout Calgary and its surrounding areas, including Strathmore, Okotoks, Airdrie and Cochrane, we will accommodate and finish your projects around your schedule. Our services are affordable, come with warranties (3-years for stucco repairs in Calgary and 10-years for new projects), and are of the highest quality; ensuring longevity, style and endurance. Experience the difference by getting stucco in Calgary with Golden Trowel Stucco LTD. Expect gold when you work with us.

Stucco contractors Calgary


Stucco is a lovely alternative to siding! Homeowners and businesses alike have been choosing stucco exteriors for over 100 years due to it’s beautiful, timeless aesthetic.

Stucco contractors Calgary


Because stucco can be painted nearly any colour, it is one of the most versatile exterior options available. Available in a variety of finishes, stucco can be made to match any style.

Stucco contractors Calgary


Stucco is an incredibly durable product and is easy to maintain. Not only is it an affordable product from the start, but you’ll also save money on repairs and maintenance over time.