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Experience all the advantages of stucco in Chestermere with Golden Trowel Stucco. You can enhance your home’s protection, improve its aesthetic and curb appeal, maximize its energy-efficiency, and increase its value while enjoying years of endurance and star-eyed quality with this amazing exterior siding. Our experienced stucco contractors can execute any stucco project with precision, quality and an eye for details, delivering top-tier craftsmanship that elevates the standard of your property, residential or commercial. We can assist with installing, replacing and repairing stucco, and help with painting and exterior moulding repair, no matter how large or small the project. Our goal is for you to enjoy all the perks of stucco all day, every day. Take advantage of stucco’s golden benefits with our experts.


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Why We’re The Number 1 Stucco Contractors in Chestermere

Put Golden Trowel Stucco in charge of your stucco project, and you’ll get the result you’ve always wanted. We stand out from other stucco companies due to our creative, proactive approach to our work, coupled with our personalized customer care. Best of all, we know all there is to know about stucco materials, products and projects.


We have over 20 years of experience handling residential and commercial stucco projects in Chestermere and surrounding areas, so the knowledge and expertise we bring are second to none.


We know how EIFS differs from sand and cement; we understand the processes required for stone and stucco repairs, and we know the tips to help you maintain your stucco for years. It’s through our work and expertise that we’re consistently rated the top stucco contractors in Chestermere.

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We work with property managers too for stucco repair


Why Golden Trowel

Stucco contractors Calgary

No Hidden

We abide by the Golden Rule and are honest in our pricing and billing. We do our best to come in under budget, and you’ll never have to worry about hidden fees.

Stucco contractors Calgary

20+ Years
of Experience

We’ve been in the industry for over 20 years, and we’ve developed a solid understanding of client needs, working on both residential & commercial projects.

Stucco contractors Calgary


We offer incredible value for our services at unbeatable prices. We’re committed to a high standard of quality, so you get what you pay for and then some!


Stucco contractors Calgary
Seniors Get 10% Off Our Stucco Services

Chestermere Stucco That Makes The Difference

Are you over the hassle that comes with exterior siding that doesn’t last, requires too much maintenance or is too expensive? With stucco, you’ll get exterior protection that saves you money while increasing your home’s or business’ prosperity. And with Golden Trowel, you have access to the top experts in the industry, recognized for their passion, commitment and quality, alongside no hidden fees, transparent and honest communication. With our Midas touch, you’ll experience the difference in service, quality and value that we’ll bring to your property. Transform your home or business today with Chestermere’s Golden team!

Stucco contractors Calgary


Stucco is a lovely alternative to siding! Homeowners and businesses alike have been choosing stucco exteriors for over 100 years due to it’s beautiful, timeless aesthetic.

Stucco contractors Calgary


Because stucco can be painted nearly any colour, it is one of the most versatile exterior options available. Available in a variety of finishes, stucco can be made to match any style.

Stucco contractors Calgary


Stucco is an incredibly durable product and is easy to maintain. Not only is it an affordable product from the start, but you’ll also save money on repairs and maintenance over time.