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Can You Pressure Wash Stucco?

One of the most appealing aspects of stucco in Calgary is how easy it is to maintain. By simply inspecting your siding a couple of times a year and giving it a good scrub when it starts to look grubby, you can feel confident that your stucco will last for decades.

However, the beautiful texture of stucco makes washing it with a cloth and bucket seem a bit unreasonable. But are you able to pressure wash stucco? Or will that risk damage to the exterior of your home?

Below, let’s explore how you can safely wash your stucco in Calgary.

How To Pressure Wash Stucco

Fortunately, you can absolutely pressure wash stucco! This allows you to blast away all the dirt and debris that can build up on your exterior and leave it looking like new.

However, pressure washers do have a bit of force to them, so there are a few things to consider to ensure you’re not damaging your stucco in the process.

Check For Cracks

As the temperatures change, stucco has a tendency to expand and contract in response. This can result in chipping and cracking. While this is completely normal and often not terribly noticeable, it is recommended that you inspect your walls a couple of times a year. This allows you to catch any small fractures and patch them before they expand.

Stucco is also incredibly porous and absorbs any moisture it comes in contact with. If there are any cracks in your stucco, you risk them expanding if you attempt to pressure wash prior to repairing them.

Fortunately, the process of filling cracks is relatively straightforward. Simply ensure the caulking has dried completely before you wash the exterior.


Can You Pressure Wash Stucco?

Scrub Heavy Stains
With a scrub brush and some detergent, take the time to scrub any heavy stains that may take a little more effort to remove. You should ultimately use the pressure washer to rinse away loose debris, rather than to tackle stubborn spots, to ensure your stucco isn’t put under too much pressure.

Time To Pressure Wash
When spraying your stucco, ensure your nozzle is set to a low-pressure spray and that you are hitting the wall at a 45-degree angle while standing a few feet back. Pressure washers are effective, but being too aggressive with them can actually cause more damage to your walls.


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