EIFS vs Stucco: What’s Better?

External insulation and finishing systems (EIFS) or stucco in Calgary? Which is better? This is the question we hope to answer in the article below. However, to answer the question, we must first understand each type of material.


What is Stucco and EIFS?


What is Stucco?

Stucco in Calgary is a mixture of portland cement, water, and other mineral materials. The first step is to install a wire mesh in the area. Next, the application of stucco occurs in several layers until we achieve the desired thickness and appearance. In some cases, the use of styling tools allows for a unique or exciting finish after application.


Stucco has many benefits, especially for its long history. The ability to make homes out of what is essentially, mouldable rock, has been a great boon for humanity throughout history. It would undoubtedly take a great material to replace the utility that stucco, as a material, has historically enjoyed.


What is EIFS? 

EIFS is an external insulation system made of different types of polystyrene and fibreglass. When you install EIFS, the process is often similar. The polystyrene is attached to the fibreglass netting to give it a rigid structure, and multiple layers can be placed over the top, depending on the building specifications. Furthermore, EIFS can also have moulds or holes cut or precut to facilitate better other parts intricate to the building, such as drainage pipes and more. 


EIFS has many benefits since its introduction back in the 1960s. Excellent insular properties, relatively cheap production, and fantastic handling make this material an excellent choice for quick construction projects, normal development and much more.


Why Stucco in Calgary Wins


Stucco wins the contest for a few reasons. First, the legacy of stucco gives it a fairly substantial crack at the prize, and secondly, the ease and material collection of stucco seals the deal. While it is true that EIFS might have better insular properties, ultimately, if you were trapped somewhere looking to build a permanent structure, there is only one choice. A mixture of rocks and minerals, as opposed to a material generated through specialized, exacting chemical processes. Even using the rebar-reinforcement is easier to acquire and produce, as opposed to fibreglass matting. 


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