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How Often Do You Repair Stucco?

Stucco is an attractive way to finish the exterior of your home. However, if you want the look to endure, then you have to make repair investments. How often do you need stucco repair in Calgary? Keep reading to find out.

Do Annual Inspections to Assess the Need for Stucco Repair

To keep your stucco in good condition, you must take the time to inspect it regularly. In many cases, you will be best served by performing a yearly inspection of your stucco. You can do this yourself by walking around the home’s exterior and looking for signs of wear and tear. You should be looking for cracks in particular. Cracks are a sure sign that you need stucco repair in Calgary sooner as opposed to later.

Perform Stucco Repair As Soon As Cracks Appear

If you notice that there are cracks or signs of discoloration on your stucco, then do not delay. These problems will not go away. By investing in a quick fix right away, you can save yourself from more costly repairs down the line. Look for hairline cracks, spiderweb cracks, foam line cracks, diagonal cracks and more. Cracks allow moisture to get inside your stucco, and even a small crack can lead to big problems over time.

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Good Maintenance Can Preserve Your Stucco for 80 Years

While the idea of regular stucco repair in Calgary may seem overwhelming at first, you should know that it is worthwhile. Stucco is incredibly resilient and durable. If you take care of it properly, it can easily last for 50 or 80 years. This means that your investment in regular repair will have a good return. This is why stucco remains one of the best options for the exterior of your home.

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