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How To Check For Moisture Behind Stucco

Stucco is an incredibly durable and reliable siding for your home. If properly installed, your stucco can last for decades with minimal maintenance. However, it’s always wise to inspect your stucco from time to time, ensuring that its integrity is still intact.

One issue that can present itself is water damage. Stucco in Calgary is exposed to a significant amount of water and rainfall, which can lead to moisture sneaking in behind your walls. But how can you tell if your stucco has trapped moisture behind it? Let’s take a look.

4 Ways To Check For Moisture Behind Stucco

Dark Spots
Your stucco is naturally going to get darker in colour when it rains. However, if you notice darker patches of stucco after a week of nice weather, it may be worth exploring. Persistent dark spots or streaks are often signs of water intrusion. 

If you have a poor drainage system, water will sit along your home’s foundation and compromise the stucco. If you begin to notice bubbles or even dense cracks along the bottom of your siding, you may be looking at moisture retention.

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Soft Drywall
This step will require you to go inside. Feel along the bottom of your windows on the wall you believe to be compromised. If the drywall is soft, that’s a sign that moisture is trapped inside and is now weakening the structure of your interior walls.

Missing or Cracked Stucco
Stucco, by nature, is very porous, and thus absorbs a lot of moisture that it comes in contact with. While this is to be expected, the moisture should not be held behind your walls. If you notice that your stucco is chipping or falling off more easily than normal or find that there are extensive cracks in your stucco, it may be smart to bring a professional in to take a look.

What Can Professionals Do?
If you believe your stucco in Calgary is retaining moisture, a professional stucco company will be able to do a more thorough examination. From probe testing to thermal imaging, there are several ways in which stucco contractors can use specialized equipment to confirm your suspicions and pinpoint the source of concern.

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