The Cost of Stucco in Calgary

The cost of stucco in Calgary can be a complicated question. Luckily, selecting the right stucco company makes the rest of the process simple and easy. However, it is still important to determine what type of stucco work you require.

Do you already have stucco, and desire repairs to increase the curb appeal? Or perhaps, your exterior moulding is made of stucco and you would like to freshen it up for the spring season? Maybe it’s time to be done with the old, and an entire stucco paint job is what you are seeking? Regardless, finding a friendly and competent stucco company means professional advice is available at your fingertips. 

Stucco Calgary

The Cost of Different Stucco Services

Stucco repair

The fact that stucco can last up to 100 years, with proper maintenance, means that stucco repair isn’t a wasted venture. With this though, comes the responsibility of finding a qualified professional who will make sure that your stucco and any repairs done to it will stand the test of time. It often isn’t necessary to replace damaged stucco as a new finishing coat or reapplication of the sealing coat will do the job even better than replacing it.

Exterior Moulding Repair

Although there are several varieties of exterior stucco moulding, it is a stucco company’s pleasure to freshen them up and have a variety of talents and challenges. This means that if your exterior insulation & finishing system (EIFS) stucco or your acrylic stucco have necessary repairs, a qualified professional will be able to repair them. As above, replacement or removal of exterior moulding isn’t always the solution. Often reapplication of the sealing materials will be sufficient to guarantee the longevity and appeal of your exterior moulding. 

Stucco painting

Stucco in Calgary can be damaged quicker than other climates. This is due to our ever-changing weather systems and our harsh climate. However, it is easy to refinish the color of your home which also allows you to try bold new ideas. Hiring a stucco company just gives you more time to choose the perfect color palette, look for new yard furnishings to accentuate the look, or make the invite for the reveal party even more adorable. In essence, hiring a stucco company removes the guesswork and makes the stucco painting process a whole lot simpler.

Golden Trowel Stucco has been providing Calgary homes and commercial properties with top-quality stucco services. For the past 20 years, we have been the number one stucco contractors in the Calgary and Greater Calgary area. We can completely change your property for the better with our stucco services, including stucco installations, stucco and exterior painting, and stucco repairs in Calgary. We’re flexible and ready to help you when you need it. Call us at 403-891-5343 anytime.

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